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UKPMHN Statement on anti-Semitism

The destructive impact of the West’s commitment to Israel and to political Zionism on our own political culture is being revealed as never before. The intensification of attempts to re-define the struggle against racism in Palestine as anti-Semitism is to be deplored and resisted. The Steering Group of the UK-Palestine Mental Health Network responds to this situation in the following Statement:  The UKPMHN and the ‘new Anti-Semitism’ We are confirmed in our determined opposition to racism in all its forms. We see racism as a psycho-social pathology, responsible for immense suffering to all touched by it. To tolerate ideas or behaviours that discriminate on the grounds of ‘race’ or ethnicity is to abandon the universalism which resides in the conviction that we belong to a single human family. This universalism informs our professional ethics, anti-racist practice, and our hopes for a more civilised future not least in Israel/Palestine itself. The struggle for peace ...

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