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Letter by Lord Neuberger, Former President of the UK Supreme Court, Philippe Sands KC, Sandra Fredman, University of Oxford, Richard Hermer KC, Danny Friedman KC, Anthony Metzer QC, Jon Turner KC, Adam Wagner
Financial Times, 17 October 2023 (ref Balfour Project)
The laws of war must guide Israel’s response to Hamas atrocityWe write as Jews, many of us with family and friends directly affected by the tragedy that has befallen Israel. Like so many others, the vile crimes perpetrated by Hamas in Israel have shaken us to our core.
We also write in our capacity as lawyers. We do so because, instilled with our Jewish values, we believe that law, and the adherence to the rule of law, provide an invaluable guide to begin to make sense of what we are witnessing and to provide a path to govern responses to it. In these darkest of days, we write to emphasise the importance of …

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